The Catholic nature of St Vincent’s emphasises the nurturing of a family spirit, which is experienced in the welcoming, inclusive and supportive school community. This family and community spirit is a defining characteristic of St Vincent’s. Our approach to Pastoral Care, permeates all aspects of school life. All members of the school community accept they have a responsibility to ensure others feel safe, welcome, appreciated, proud and happy. In accordance with the CEWA Wellbeing Framework which informs our focus on Education and Wellbeing, we believe that child safety and wellbeing are enhanced when students feel connected to their school, have positive and respectful relationships with their peers and teachers, feel confident about their social and emotional skills and satisfied with their learning experiences at school.


All staff are committed towards the building of a school community where the wellbeing of all students and staff is given the same priority as academic achievement. The management of children’s behaviour forms part of effective pastoral care at St Vincent’s and is articulated in our Behaviour Management Policy. It encourages children to learn from their mistakes, be aware of the consequences of their actions and consider the needs and rights of others. The school takes a firm, but fair stance on behaviour management, working in close partnership with families. Children are encouraged to exercise self-discipline, respect and courtesy, and take pride in themselves, their work and their school.

Sometimes students find it challenging to live up to these expectations and we have a system of responses to challenging behaviour that helps students to participate more positively as a member of the St Vincent’s Community. We work closely with families to support these students. Where student behaviour has impacted on others and their relationships, we implement a response that promotes empathy and healing.

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