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Uniform & Personal Presentation Policy

The St Vincent’s School uniform is a symbol of our school and helps our students develop a sense of belonging within our school community. The school uniform is an equaliser for all of our students. Wearing the uniform correctly and being well-presented encourage a sense of pride in appearance and what the uniform represents – our school community. Through wearing the uniform correctly, students demonstrate a commitment towards our school community.

All parents and caregivers who enrol their child/ren at St Vincent’s School agree to uphold our Uniform and Personal Presentation Policy. As a Catholic School, there is a standard of dress to be maintained. This standard does not always agree with current or fashionable trends in the broader community or society in general. Parents and caregivers who enrol their child/ren at St Vincent’s School are responsible for ensuring their child/ren dress in a clean, well-fitting uniform with correct footwear and are well-presented.

School Uniform

The Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop operates ONLINE only.

To ensure all purchases are delivered punctually, orders must be placed before 11:00am every Tuesday. Orders will then be delivered to the School Office, and given to your child on Wednesday.

Kindly note that as you are finalising your purchase, you will need to do the following:

  • Select SHIP under the Delivery Method;
  • Enter your home address details in the Shipping Address section;
  • Check that ‘Collect from the shop during open times’ is selected in the Shipping Method. This will ensure that it is a FREE delivery, and no postage will be calculated when you check out.

Please note also that your purchase will not be delivered to your Home address. All purchases will be delivered to the School Office.

Should you have any queries or issues relating to your purchases at The Uniform Shop, please contact One World Uniforms at stvincents@oneworlduniforms.com.au.

St Vincent’s School Uniform

The school uniform consists of:

  • St Vincent’s Kindergarten T-Shirt (Orange) 
  • Polo Shirt with the school crest (Pre-Primary to Year Six)
  • Polo House Shirt with the school crest (Pre-Primary to Year Six)
  • Green school shorts
  • Green tracksuit jumper with the school crest
  • St  Vincent’s green tracksuit pants
  • Green hat with the school crest (must be worn outdoors all year)
  • Green school rain jacket (optional)
  • Short plain white socks
  • Predominantly white sports shoes with white laces (velcro preferred for Early Years)
  • St Vincent’s school bag

It is compulsory for all students from Kindergarten to Year Six to dress in the appropriate St Vincent’s School uniform.

Personal Presentation

All students;

  • Who have hair below the collar of their uniform are required to tie their hair up neatly, “Fad” haircuts and hairstyles are not acceptable;
  • Are able to wear school-coloured hair accessories of an acceptable size;
  • Are not permitted to have coloured hair;
  • Are able to wear plain studs or sleepers of minimal size. Students may wear a maximum of one stud or sleeper in one or both earlobes;
  • Who choose to wear a necklace must have it tucked under their shirt (not visible);
  • Are not able to wear nail polish to school.

For More Information, Contact One Of Our Friendly Staff