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Information Technology & Cyber Safety at St Vincent’s School

We are committed to the ideals and benefits of 21st Century learning for all students by providing exposure to a range of technologies including iPads, coding devices and 3D printers. We want the very best for our students and believe that becoming digitally literate and responsible users of technology will enhance their learning opportunities and will prepare them for their future at high school and beyond.

Students in Kindergarten through to Year Six participate in a school-owned 1:1 iPad program funded by an iPad levy. We also have a range of coding technology to assist in the development of students’ knowledge, as required by the Australian Curriculum.


Your Family, Your School and Cyber Safety

Our school recognises that children today are growing up in an increasingly online world and that it is important that we do more to support and guide them to navigate this digital landscape.

Successfully developing healthy and responsible digital citizens requires a holistic approach. Our teachers address the topic of cyber safety in a series of lessons that provide students with the knowledge and tools to keep safe and maintain respectful online behaviours. We also provide a variety of support methods to our parent community. This includes providing each device with software to enable the school and parents to restrict specific applications and set appropriate time boundaries. We also, with support from the P&F, provide presentations from leading experts on Cyber Safety and how to effectively manage your child’s device at home.

Technology & FAQ

At times it is natural to question the role of iPads within education and if this technology is improving the skills of my child/ren?

The iPad is a very effective tool to assist in education much like a book or a calculator which do not in themselves improve skills but are an important tool and resource that assists in the education process. The benefits of iPads should be considered more in respect of the capacity to engage student attention, to encourage student motivation, to enable student access to information, to develop skills including problem solving and collaborative learning as well as to enable a greater range of opportunities for students to construct and express their knowledge and skills in relevant and meaningful ways.

At St Vincent’s, we utilise technology as a tool to aid learning and develop critical thinkers who can access information and communicate effectively, thereby enhancing their potential as life-long learners.

If you need support with strategies at home and some tips on how to set strict boundaries and expectations, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Parenting Matters

Here is a list of helpful websites to assist parents in finding useful information and advice regarding parenting, children and education:











The Internet

The internet is amazing, but it can also be scary.

Playing games, looking at videos and talking to friends online can be a lot of fun! How do I know my child is doing this safely?

Take a look at the tips below and speak to your child about the importance of cyber safety.

  • Don’t give out information about yourself

Don’t share personal stuff online like your full name, address or phone number. Someone could try to use this information to find you. Choose a fun nickname instead!

  • Only talk to people you know

When using social media or online messaging, make your profile private and only add your friends in real life. Talk to your parents first before you chat with people you don’t know.

  • Think carefully before you press send

You can get in trouble with Police if you send inappropriate photos of you or other people. You can also get in trouble if you bully someone or talk about hurting them.

  • Watch what you buy online

Some stuff on the internet needs money like playing games or shopping. Always ask your parents before spending money online!

  • Talk to an adult if you feel worried

Some things on the internet might make us feel scared or confused. Always talk to a parent or an adult you trust if you are worried about something online.

For more information contact the Kids Help Line

Beacon APP

With funding from Bankwest, the Telethon Kids Institute has developed a cyber safety educational app designed to keep parents and carers up to date with trusted, tailored information to help them teach their children to interact safely online.

The Beacon app is the result of a decade of WA research on children’s technology use, cyber safety, and parent behaviour.

The app aims to provide parents and carers with knowledge and skills to help children thrive in a digital world by building their capacity to support children to use digital technology in a positive way. The App delivers reliable information backed by research and behavioural science, as well as ideas, strategies, and personalised support.

Telethon Kids Institute has also developed a toolkit with content for newsletters and online posts for you to raise awareness with parents. More information about the toolkit can be accessed using this link:

Beacon Comms Toolkit

Device Management System - Jamf

To manage our school-owned and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), St Vincent’s School utilises a management system called Jamf. This management tool supports our teachers and parents in distributing applications, as well as to setting up a variety of restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jamf Enrolment Steps


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