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Our St Vincent’s School Staff are passionate educators who are united in their dedicated approach to guiding students to reach their potential. We strive to empower our children with the skills they will need to make their way in a world that demands resilience, integrity, creativity, curiosity and confidence, as well as respect for themselves and the world around them.

All staff hold the necessary qualifications as required by the Teaching Registration Board of Western Australia and the National Quality Standards and appropriate CEWA Accreditation.

St Vincent Staff

2023 St Vincent School Staff

Principal Mrs Anne Aquino 
Assistant Principals Miss Lorralie Owen
Mr Creed Yorke
Administration Officers Ms Lena Turner 
Ms Justine Monaco
Mrs Sylvia Bombara (Library & Admin)
Finance Officer Mrs Michelle Nel (Monday – Thursday) 


K Go Miss Emily DwyerK Gr Mrs Karen Serfontein 
Mrs Melissa Bailey Mrs Rowena RobertsMrs Rubina Chettiar, Mrs Liz Lazarra,
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) Mrs Sasha Murdoch
 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 
PP Go Mr Jon WilderPP Gr Mrs Fran Chalmers (Monday - Thursday)
Mrs Rubina Chettiar (Monday & Friday)Mrs Josephine Ling (Friday)
Ms Melanie Cadwallader (Tuesday - Thursday) Mrs Leanne Nolan
1 Go Miss Madison Norton 1 Gr Miss Chloe Candeloro
Miss Kim Wood
2 Go Ms Christine Scanlan (Monday - Thursday)2 Gr Miss Shaeliah Crockett
Miss Simone Roper (Friday)Mrs Elizabeth Smith (Tuesday - Thursday)
Miss Dominique Dedic (Monday - Thursday)Mrs Liz Lazzara (Monday & Friday)
Ms Melanie Cadwallader
3 Go Miss Caroline Cantali (Cantali Impillino) 3 Gr Miss Kelsey Cook 
Mrs Vicky Wright (Odd Weeks – Friday)Mrs Vicky Wright (Even Weeks – Friday)
4 Go Mrs Laura Espinoza (Monday - Thursday)4 Gr Mrs Marta Brechany (Monday - Thursday)
Mrs Rita Said (Friday)Mrs Clair Outram (Friday)
5 Go Mrs Leanne Holcombe (Tuesday - Friday)5 Gr Mrs Natasha De Franca (Monday - Thursday)
Mrs Alicia Elias (Monday)Mrs Alicia Elias (Friday)
6 Go Mrs Meagan James 6 Gr Mrs Jade Nelson (Tuesday - Friday)
Mrs Clair Outram (Monday)
Visual Arts and Drama Mrs Vicky Wright 
Health and Physical Education Teacher Mr Ethan Cusack
Science Teacher Mrs Michelle Barjaktarevic (Monday – Thursday)  
Digital Technology (Years 2 - 6)Miss Caroline Cantali (Friday – Odd Weeks)
Miss Kelsey Cook (Friday – Even Weeks)
LOTE AUSLAN TeacherMs Clare Matheson (Years 2 - 6) (Monday & Tuesday)
Mrs Siew-Yee Lim (K – 1) (Monday – Thursday afternoon)
Music (Years 1 – 6)Ms Clare Matheson (Wednesday - Friday)
SWD (Students with Disabilities) Coordinator Mrs Karen Serfontein (Monday & Friday)
Early Years PMP/Kiddo Mrs Kate Hunter (Tuesday)
Support Teachers Mrs Katherine Johnson (Monday - Thursday)
Mr Creed Yorke
Miss Lorralie Owen
Mrs Josephine Ling (Tuesday & Thursday 9- 12:30 Wednesday - All day )
Three-Year-Old Kindergarten (Friday)Miss Emily Dwyer, Mrs Mel Bailey
Education Assistants: Year 1 - 2Sue Walker 
Year 3 - 4  Mrs Siew-Yee Lim (mornings)
Year 4 - 6 Mrs Yvette Gaffney (Monday – Thursday until 2pm)
Parish PriestFr Thi Lam 
Parish SecretaryAndrea Chander
Groundsman Mr Doug Faed (Monday – Thursday)
CleaningMrs Jennifer Aguilar/Skilled Cleaning

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