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Religious Education

Religious Education & Spiritual Development

St Vincent’s School acknowledges that parents are the first faith educators of their children. Our school supports parents by providing a range of experiences which will nurture and develop each child’s sense of wonder in God’s presence and in His creation.

As a Catholic school, Religious Education is our first learning area and underpins all curriculum content. The school’s Religious Education program is a systematic and sequenced program that helps children relate the Catholic faith to their daily lives. The Religious Education Units of Work are mandated by the Archbishop and religious instruction occurs in accordance with the guidelines and the content of the Units of Work. These units follow the themes of Baptism, Penance, Eucharist, Confirmation, Church, Bible, Prayer and Jesus.
Religious Education lessons are complemented by prayer, liturgical singing, class and whole school liturgies, and prayer assemblies.

Religious Education

Making Jesus Real

The Making Jesus Real (MJR) program is aimed at helping our children gain and maintain a positive attitude in life through assisting in the development of people skills and life skills. It is based on the belief that ‘we are the image of Jesus’ to all those around us.

Faith-Based Teaching

Religious Education is central to the curriculum at St Vincent’s School with a focus to:
  • provide a happy, trusting and secure environment, which is above all Christian, so that children can develop as confident and independent learners;
  • accept the individuality of each person;
  • encourage each person to reflect Christian values in their daily lives and activities;
  • promote the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of each child;
  • provide the child with the life skills necessary to approach the future with confidence;
  • encourage an open and positive relationship with the wider community; 
  • develop in each person a respect for the dignity of self and others;
  • foster an awareness of the need to respect our world;
  • achieve each of these goals because Jesus is our model.
Faith & Learning
The teaching programmes are mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia with lessons taught daily in Pre-Primary through to Year Six. These lessons are complemented by prayer, liturgical singing, class and whole school Masses and liturgies of the Word, to which parents and friends are invited.

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