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Medical Information

Communicable Disease

The school is required to report various communicable diseases to the Department of Health. Various communicable diseases require exclusion from the school. Full information can be found in the Communicable Disease Guidelines. If you are worried about a child’s health, always seek medical advice or call health direct Australia on telephone 1800 022 222 (24 hours).

Child Medical Plan

Please notify the Administration Office if the school needs to be aware of any medical conditions that needs attention within our care. Please see below the relevant forms that may be required. Please ensure that all forms are completed by your doctor.


Asthma Action Plan


ASCIA Action Care Plan for Allergic Reactions


ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis

If your child has other medical conditions not listed above, please complete a Medical Action Plan. Please note that this also requires a doctor’s signature.

Medical Action Plan


Student Medication Request Form

Where possible student medication should be administered:-

  • By the caregiver, at home during times other than school hours; or
  • By the caregiver, who should come to the school to administer the medication.

As this is not possible in all instances, the Principal has approved certain school staff members to administer prescribed medication to students.

In this instance –

  • The doctor prescribing the medication is to be aware that an approved school staff member will administer or supervise the administering of medication to students.
  • The doctor is to provide any additional information to the approved school staff member regarding special requirements that may exist for the administration of the medication.

Prescribed student medication that is to be administered by staff should be stored in a container/zip-locked bag clearly showing the name of the student, the name of the medication, the dosage and frequency of the medication. This is then to be presented in person by the caregiver to the Administration Staff where the caregiver will complete a Student Medication Request Form.

Please note that no medication will be given without a signed medication form from the caregiver.

Please keep the school informed and up to date for relevant changes to your child’s medical information.

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