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Extended Leave

Application for Extended Leave of Student

It is understood that no family intends to cause any disruption to their child’s learning or school life when extra holidays are planned. Here are some information for families when planning for holidays, so the school’s position can be considered.

It is important that families consider the following issues when arranging holidays to be taken outside of school holiday times.

  • Students may miss out on important learning programmes that may affect future education. The school cannot accept responsibility for learning that is missed during extended leave taken.
  • Teachers are not to be asked to set work while extended leave is taken for holiday purposes.
  • If important assessments are missed, then some areas of your child’s report may be left incomplete.
  • Extended absences cause extra organisational concerns for in-class and co-curricular activities including sports days, assemblies, camps, Sacramental programmes and so forth. Your child’s involvement in these activities cannot be guaranteed if essential preparation has not been undertaken or they are absent when activities are planned.
  • Although every effort is made to set a school calendar of events in advance, due to exceptional circumstances, these dates may need to be changed during a school year.
  • Students can find it difficult to learn school routines and develop social groups depending on when extended leave is taken.

Parents need to be aware of the “Attendance” requirements of the School Education Act 1999, in particular, Section 23.

If your child needs to go on extended leave, please complete the Student Extended Leave Form and return it to the School Office.

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