Early Childhood

Early Childhood

We are a faith-filled community with Christ at our core.

We value a strong partnership with our parish community, through the Sacraments, pastoral care initiatives and our Religious Education programs.

We believe that God is present in us all by way of our gifts and talents.

At St Vincent’s we value and celebrate each member of our school community. Together we share and learn from our diverse backgrounds and cultures. We celebrate all members of our school community and all children are valued. We believe that for us to feel a complete sense of belonging, our diverse backgrounds need to be respected.

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their child’s learning. Therefore, we believe that parents should feel heard, be respected and included in their child’s education. We build partnerships with parents and together we aim to create the most successful journey for every child to develop as a whole person.

We believe that the foundations for Literacy and Numeracy are of prime importance as they form the basis for all future success and life-long learning. We believe that children develop Literacy and Numeracy through explicit teaching, incidental learning, by capturing teachable moments and during intentional teaching through play and inquiry.

We believe it is a child’s fundamental right to play. We believe children learn through both planned and spontaneous play, which may take many forms. Play is a common language for children, which helps them experience success and build confidence.

We believe children have the right to feel emotionally, physically and socially safe in order to achieve and take risks with their learning. We believe that all children are successful, competent and capable learners. As educators, it is our duty to ensure all children develop to their full potential and become the best they can be.

At St Vincent’s, all children are respected as individuals. Every child’s success and achievements are celebrated and all children are encouraged to grow and become life-long learners.

“Childhood is a time to be, to seek and to make meaning of the world.”

(Early Years Learning Framework, 2009. pp. 7)

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