The needs of all learners are central to how curriculum is delivered at St Vincent’s.

In order to cater for the various strengths, challenges and abilities of all students we endeavour to provide broad teaching and learning opportunities that:

School Curriculum
  • Immerse children in a supportive environment where they feel safe, affirmed and valued
  • Expose children to worthy individual, small group and whole class experiences
  • Provides a sense of challenge
  • Builds on past experiences through discussion and reflection
  • Encourages risk taking, decision making and problem solving
  • Involves accurate and thoughtful modelling and feedback
  • Empower students to believe in their own abilities
  • Celebrate, value and build on children’s understanding and ideas
  • Embrace positive teacher-student and student-student relationships
  • Are planned efficiently and have a clear focus
  • Communicate high expectations

Curriculum is based on the solid foundation provided by both the Archdiocesan Religious Education Curriculum and the West Australian Curriculum. We teach using an inquiry-based approach which has the potential to develop the skills and characteristics required for lifelong learning including resilience, independence, confidence, creativity, problem solving, decision making, collaboration, cooperative learning and other important life skills.  An Inquiry approach integrates different learning areas with information technology and connects learning to real world issues.

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